5150: Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

(LACourt.org) A 5150 is an involuntary psychiatric hold under the Lanterman–Petris–Short (LPS) Act in the State of California. If a family member with dementia is placed in a psychiatric facility because s/he is a danger to herself/himself or others, you will soon become acquainted with the legal process for involuntary commitment.

I’ve included a copy of the California LPS Holds Chart from the Los Angeles, California Superior Court for your review. Other states in the U.S. have similar laws for managing a person with AD who may become hospitalized for mental illness. For information specific to your state, please consult the mental health laws for your state. For a brief overview of involuntary commitment in the U.S. and other countries, please go here: Involuntary commitment.

~ Jennifer





Source: Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, Office of the Counselor in Mental Health