References and Resources on Elder Abuse

General Information on Elder Abuse

Preventing & Reporting Elder Abuse – 39-page PDF booklet covering many aspects of elder abuse. (California Department of Justice)

Elder Abuse and Neglect: In Search of Solutions – Covers the facts about elder abuse, as well as signs of abuse and steps to take if abuse occurs.  (American Psychological Association)

Frequently Asked Questions – Answers to 12 key questions about elder abuse; see Basics and other site links at left on page for additional information. (National Center on Elder Abuse, U.S Department of Health and Human Services)

What is Elder Abuse? – Site provides definitions of different types of elder abuse, along with signs and risk factors. (National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse)

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse News – Provides information about elder abuse in nursing homes and steps you can take to protect a loved one from neglect or abuse. (Nursing Home Abuse News)

Preventing Elder Abuse

Preventing Elder Abuse by Family Caregivers – PDF article describing why it’s hard to be a caregiver, the potential for abuse, and where to find help. (National Center for Elder Abuse)

Resources used in researching this article

Distinguishing Between Abuse, Neglect, And Self-Neglect – Defines the different categories of elder mistreatment and resulting psychological symptoms. (University of Missouri at Kansas City)

Elder Financial Abuse – PDF brochure summarizes financial abuse, warning signs, who might exploit an elder, and what to do to prevent elder financial abuse. (San Bernardino County Department of Aging and Adult Services)