Alzheimer’s Online Resources

Here is a list of online resources on Alzheimer’s disease that you might find useful.

  • Alzheimer’s Association: This is a voluntary health organization that provides information, education, and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s. On this site, you can also receive information about how to participate in the cause.
  • AlzOnline: Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Online:  People affected by Alzheimer’s also includes those caring for loved ones going through this disease. This is an online place where caregivers can receive tips on how to cope with the different stages and challenges of Alzheimer’s.
  • National Institute on Aging:  This is the go-to place for information on all Alzheimer’s Disease Centers (ADCs) in America. The National Institute on Aging currently funds 30 ADCs that does research on Alzheimer’s, aging, and other dementia-related disorders.
  • Medical News Today:  All the latest Alzheimer and dementia news from all over the world are here on this site. It also provides links to other sites dedicated to research on this disorder and a video library for patients and caregivers to receive useful advice.
  • The Alzheimer’s Project:  HBO Documentaries created The Alzheimer’s Project to feature all the latest research on the brain disorder. Second to cancer, Alzheimer’s is affecting Americans in a very significant way and is one of the most-feared illnesses. The videos created by the HBO award-winning team seeks to make people more aware of its signs, symptoms, treatments, and preventions.
  • ElderCare Online’s Alzheimer’s Care Channel:  This is an online site providing caregivers with the most extensive information on caring for those affected with Alzheimer’s.
  • MayClinic Alzheimer’s Disease:  Information on this site comes in an organized and diversified manner through summaries and in-depth descriptions. It also features slides, podcasts, expert answers, and an expert blog that focuses on issues relating to Alzheimer’s.
  •  An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be a scary, challenging realization for caregivers. Hence this site is a resource for caregivers who need more information, want more advice, and seek more help in dealing with a loved one affected by this disease.
  • Family Caregiver Alliance:  This is a nonprofit organization that represents caregivers who are offering long-term care at home for patients and loved ones. The site has all the latest information for caregivers, including policy and research, advice, a community newsletter, and programs to increase the quality of caregivers all over America.
  •  Find all the latest reports on Alzheimer’s and dementia on this site from medical and scientific communities.
  • The Alzheimer Spouse:  A great resource for all spouses of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Touching stories, news, and helpful articles.

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