Alzheimer’s Disease: ‘I CAN! I WILL!’

(Alzheimer’s Disease International) I CAN! I WILL! is a library of ideas from Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) to help people around the world stand up and speak out about Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. These ideas, which raise awareness about dementia and help to erase the stigma, have been contributed by people just like you – people with dementia, care partners, medical professionals, volunteers and advocates – so that you can learn from their experiences and they can learn from you.

About ‘I CAN! I WILL!’

The ‘I CAN! I WILL!’ project was spearheaded by Richard Taylor, PhD, (USA – a person living with dementia, who presented the idea to a working group comprised of people with dementia, care partners, Alzheimer’s Disease International staff and other interested parties at the annual Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, held in Toronto in March 2011.Richard Taylor recorded a video to showcase the project. Watch it below.

Recent Projects

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