Support the BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act

(Alzheimer's Association) The Alzheimer's Association is proud to support the Building Our Largest Dementia (BOLD) Infrastructure for Alzheimer's Act, new bipartisan legislation to address Alzheimer's as a public health crisis. Learn more about the bill, then tell your senators and representatives to support the BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer's Act! This week Congress began taking steps … [Read More...]


Smell Test Challenge Suggests Clinical Benefit for Some Before Development of Alzheimer’s

(Columbia University Medical Center) Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) may have discovered a way to use a patient's sense of smell to treat Alzheimer's disease before it ever develops. Having an impaired sense of smell is recognized as one of the early signs of cognitive decline, before the clinical onset of Alzheimer's … [Read More...]

Memory Complaints and Cognitive Decline: Data from the GuidAge Study

(Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease ) A memory complaint, also called Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD), is a subjective disorder that appears to be relatively common, especially in elderly persons. The reports of its prevalence in various populations range from approximately 10% to as high as 88%, although it is generally thought that the prevalence of everyday memory problems lie within the range … [Read More...]

New Player in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis Identified

(Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute) Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) have shown that a protein called membralin is critical for keeping Alzheimer's disease pathology in check. The study, published in Nature Communications, shows that membralin regulates the cell's machinery for producing beta-amyloid (or amyloid beta, Aβ), the protein that … [Read More...]

U.S. Health Care System Unprepared to Move Future Alzheimer’s Treatment into Rapid Clinical Use

(RAND Corporation) The U.S. health care system lacks the capacity to rapidly move a treatment for Alzheimer's disease from approval into wide clinical use, a shortcoming that could leave millions of people without access to transformative care if such a breakthrough occurs, according to a new RAND Corporation study. The primary problem is that there are too few medical specialists to diagnose … [Read More...]

Trends in Drug Development: Alzheimer’s Disease, Obesity, Asthma, and Diabetes

(University of Copenhagen: The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) One third of all drugs on the American market act on the same kind of important cell receptor – the G protein-coupled receptors. A major mapping of these drugs by the University of Copenhagen and Uppsala University found that their pharmacological mechanisms are becoming more complex. The mapping also reveals rapid developments … [Read More...]


Mayo Clinic Holiday Recipes: Celebrate with Healthy, Festive Fare

(Mayo Clinic) Create a healthy holiday menu with these great-tasting recipes. The holiday season means get-togethers with family and friends and, of course, food. Mix and match these holiday recipes to put together healthy and festive meals. Appetizers Recipe: Artichokes alla Romana Recipe: Chipotle spiced shrimp Recipe: Smoked trout … [Read More...]

Celebrating the Holidays with Dementia

(Alzheimer's Association) Mixing party time and dementia makes for an interesting brew. People can often become distracted from the spirit of celebration by worrying about reducing a loved one’s anxiety, or protecting everyday routines at events that are anything but routine. This all takes some thinking and planning. It is worth noting that the … [Read More...]

Alzheimer’s: Tips to Make Holidays More Enjoyable

(Mayo Clinic) Holidays can be bittersweet for families affected by Alzheimer's. Try these simple tips to make the holidays less disruptive and more pleasant for everyone. If you're like many who are caring for a loved one with dementia, the holiday season may not feel so merry. Memories of better times may surface as reminders of what you've lost … [Read More...]

Holidays and Alzheimer’s Families

(Alzheimer's Association) The holidays are a time when family and friends often come together. But for families living with Alzheimer's and other dementias, the holidays can be challenging. Take a deep breath. With some planning and adjusted expectations, your celebrations can still be happy, memorable occasions. Familiarize Others with the … [Read More...]

What You May Feel about Being a Family Caregiver: Tips for Making it Easier

( As a family caregiver for an ailing parent, child, spouse, or other loved one, you’re likely to face a host of new responsibilities, many of which are unfamiliar or intimidating. At times, you may feel overwhelmed and alone. But despite its challenges, caregiving can also be extremely rewarding. And there are a lot of things you can … [Read More...]


Physical Exercise as a Preventive or Disease-Modifying Treatment of Dementia and Brain Aging

Mayo Clin Proc. 2011 Sep;86(9):876-84. doi: 10.4065/mcp.2011.0252. Physical exercise as a preventive or disease-modifying treatment of dementia and brain aging. Ahlskog JE1, Geda YE, Graff-Radford NR, Petersen RC. Abstract A rapidly growing literature strongly suggests that exercise, specifically aerobic exercise, may attenuate cognitive impairment and reduce dementia risk. We used PubMed (keywords exercise and … [Read More...]

Prolonged Sleep Duration as Marker of Early Neurodegeneration Predicting Dementia

Neurology. 2017 Feb 22. pii: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000003732. doi:[Epub ahead of print] Prolonged sleep duration as a marker of early neurodegeneration predicting incident dementia. Westwood AJ1, Beiser A1, Jain N1, Himali JJ1, DeCarli C1, Auerbach SH1, Pase MP2, Seshadri S2. Abstract OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between sleep duration and the risk of incident dementia and brain aging. METHODS Self-reported … [Read More...]

Female Sex, Early-Onset Hypertension, and Risk of Dementia

Neurology. 2017 Oct 31;89(18):1886-1893. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000004602. Epub 2017 Oct 4. Female sex, early-onset hypertension, and risk of dementia. Gilsanz P1, Mayeda ER1, Glymour MM1, Quesenberry CP1, Mungas DM1, DeCarli C1, Dean A1, Whitmer RA2. Abstract Objective To evaluate the association of early-adulthood and mid-adulthood hypertension with dementia in men and women. Methods We evaluated 5,646 members of … [Read More...]

Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease: Lessons Learned and Applied

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2017 Aug 2. doi: 10.1111/jgs.14997. [Epub ahead of print] Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease: Lessons Learned and Applied. Galvin JE1. Abstract Alzheimer's disease (AD) affects more than 5 million Americans, with substantial consequences for individuals with AD, families, and society in terms of morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs. With disease-modifying treatment trials unsuccessful at the … [Read More...]