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World Alzheimer Report 2012

The World Alzheimer Report 2012: Overcoming the stigma of dementia, released on 21 September 2012, shares results from a worldwide survey conducted with people with dementia and carers on their personal experiences of stigma. The report provides information on stigma and dementia, highlights best practices in the field of dementia, and makes recommendations which could help reduce stigma.

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World Alzheimer Report 2012 (PDF, 80 pages)
World Alzheimer Report 2012 Executive Summary (PDF, 18 pages)
Traditional Chinese – Executive Summary (PDF, 18 pages)

The Executive Summary highlights the key findings and recommendations. The full report includes quotes from carers and people with dementia, further analysis of the survey responses and a selection of essays from people with expertise and experience relevant to dementia and stigma.

World Alzheimer Report 2011

The World Alzheimer Report 2011 shows that there are interventions that are effective in the early stages of dementia, some of which may be more effective when started earlier, and that there is a strong economic argument in favour of earlier diagnosis and timely intervention.

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World Alzheimer Report 2011 – Executive Summary (PDF, 36 pages)

World Alzheimer Report 2011 (PDF, 72 pages)

World Alzheimer Report 2011 – Executive Summary – Traditional Chinese (PDF, 36 pages)

World Alzheimer Report 2011 – Executive Summary – Arabic (PDF, 42 pages)

World Alzheimer Report 2011 – Summary – German (PDF, 12 pages)

World Alzheimer Report 2011 – Summary – French (PDF, 12 pages)

The Executive Summary highlights the main findings, and briefly describes the evidence that supports them. The full Report documents the methodology and the sources in greater detail, and includes a careful critique of the quality, the relevance and the strength of the available evidence.

World Alzheimer Report 2010

The World Alzheimer Report 2010 provides the clearest, most  comprehensive global picture yet of the economic impact of Alzheimer’s  disease and dementia.

The report includes an estimate of the worldwide cost of dementia,  including direct medical costs, direct non-medical costs and costs of  informal (family) care. The estimates are broken down by world region  and include analysis of the differences between low and high income  countries. The report also contains important policy recommendations and  makes clear to key decision-makers that doing nothing is not an option.

World Alzheimer Report 2010 – Executive Summary (PDF, 12 pages, 690KB)
World Alzheimer Report 2010 (PDF, 56 pages, 1302KB)
2010 Executive Summary – Traditional Chinese2010 Executive Summary – BulgarianThe World Alzheimer Report 2010 is designed to build on the findings of the World Alzheimer Report 2009.

World Alzheimer Report 2009

The World Alzheimer Report 2009 presents the most comprehensive global  prevalence study of dementia to date and looks at levels of mortality,  disability, strain on carers and dependency. The report also offers  examples of good national dementia plans and information on health  service responses. Importantly, the report also includes eight  recommendations that will provide a global framework for action on  dementia.

World Alzheimer Report 2009 – Executive Summary (PDF, 24 pages, 746KB)
World Alzheimer Report 2009 (PDF, 96 pages, 1917KB)
2009 Executive Summary – German (PDF, 761KB)
2009 Executive Summary – Spanish (PDF, 755KB)
2009 Executive Summary – French (PDF, 758KB)
2009 Executive Summary – Japanese (PDF, 3006KB)
2009 Executive Summary – Portuguese (PDF, 767KB)
Appendix 1 (List of Global Burden of Disease regions) (PDF, 3 pages, 25KB)
Appendix 5 (List of studies included in and excluded from meta-analysis)(PDF, 17 pages, 143KB)

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