Experience 12 Minutes in Alzheimer’s Dementia

(Alzheimer’s Weekly) ABC Television’s Cynthia McFadden followed Blaine Wilson, his wife, and his mother, Lawanda, for four years. The goal was to study the effects of Lawanda’s Alzheimer’s on the family with in-home cameras and extensive interviews.

In this segment of Experience 12 Minutes, McFadden and Blaine undergo a tough experiment to understand how the disease feels. They put on goggles to obstruct vision, headphones to provide the irritating background noise many Alzheimer’s patients experience, and adaptive shoes to make walking difficult. For 12 minutes, the reporter and son enter a world where the simple and familiar become nightmarishly new.

Just what is a loved one with dementia going through? A 12-minute virtual Alzheimer’s tour reveals more than you ever imagined. Watch it here.




To see the original ABC video, go to http://alzheimersweekly.com/content/e… . This is a YouTube copy of an original ABC video that was made because users on our site were having problems viewing streaming video embedded directly from ABC.
Published on Aug 21, 2012